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What French Bulldog Breeders Should Teach You

French Bulldogs or also known as Frenchies are known to originate from small breeds of bulldogs in England. The workers of Nottingham is known to be the one to introduce the first breed of bulldogs in French soil throughout the industrial revolution. In 1860s, it has seen a significant growth in popularity of said miniature dogs in the nation to the point that the breed has almost reach extinction in England.


In France, it is believed that Terrier Boule and frenchie puppies for sale were crossed breed to come up with French Bulldog. It was in the United States at Westminster Kennel Club show, which was held in New York City where the breed has made its first appearance. These bulldog puppies are good for companion of kids.


These French bulldog puppies at are comical, amicable and lively contrary to the glum facial expression. They're well behaved because these breed of puppies can adapt to closed apartment and as easily to open farmhouse.


Not only that, these breeds of dogs are also affectionate by nature, unduly boisterous, have a warm disposition, playful, active, alert and one of their favourite sport is ball chasing. And even though these pups aren't as big as other breeds, they also love to go for a walk especially when the weather is cool and likely to clown around when they are happy. If you want to read more about French bulldogs, you may visit


Male Frenchies are sweet in nature, could be hostile to other dogs as they are quite sensitive. On the other hand, many of them are very peaceful. Bulldog puppies are requiring lots of affection and love to be able to be in their best mood. It can be a real challenge to train this particular breed as they are so obstinate.


Be sure that you only buy such breed from reputable and well known French bulldog breeders. Not only that, you must take a thorough look at the breeder's personality suits and lifestyle together with their traits and requirements. It will ensure that the dog will not be a burden to you through this. Here are additional information that you have to know regarding this specific breed, assuming that the French bulldog breeder you found seems fine.


Number 1. There are some instances that these Frenchies are snorting, snoring, snuffling and slobbering.


Number 2. If you would like to have a pet despite of your busy and hectic lifestyle, then Frenchies are probably the one for you.


Number 3. French bulldogs have slow response time and at the same time, hardly bark so it is wise to not count on them especially in protecting your home in case of break-ins.